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Tenancy FAQs

This page has been put together to answer some of the questions most frequently asked by our customers.


If there is something you would like to know that is not covered here, please use the quick contact form to the right of this page or email customer.service@coastlinehousing.co.uk.


Do I need permission for alterations, like putting up a fence or shed, or having a Sky satellite dish?

As part of your tenancy agreement, you are required to obtain our written permission before starting any work on your home. This ensures that we do not have big surprises if the home becomes vacant and also protects you from potential recharge costs later.

We constantly monitor changes in legislation. If we grant permission we will usually attach conditions to ensure that you comply with the most up-to-date rules regarding planning permissions. These will cover fire safety, building regulations, and anything else that could affect your request.

You can obtain a guide to household alterations with regards to planning permission and building regulations at the following web pages:

Houses - /permission/house
Flats - /permission/terrace


Can I keep pets at my property?

Please email customer.service or use the quick contact form to ask the Tenancy Management Team for permission. You can also write to us.


If you are in a flat you will need permission to keep pets because they can potentially cause noise nuisance to people living below. There are a few properties in our stock where we do not allow pets because of the communal areas.


Can I take over my relative's tenancy?

This is known as assignment and succession, and must be looked at on a case by case basis. To find out more please contact your Tenancy Management Coordinator who will be able to help.


Can I have lodgers in my home?

You will need to write in to us to request permission for this.


I have a joint tenancy but my partner and I have split up - who is allowed to stay at the property?

The tenancy agreement is a legally binding document and Coastline Housing is not able to decide who remains at the property in this scenario. If you cannot agree amicably who stays living at the property then you will need to seek legal advice.


Can I take over my neighbour’s garden with their permission?

If you wish to maintain your neighbour’s garden that is an agreement between you and them. If the neighbour then moves out a new agreement would need to be made with the incoming tenant. Garden boundaries always remain with the same property.


I’m going on holiday for a long period of time - is this okay?

As long as you advise us how long you are going for and that you do have the intention to return, then this is fine. If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit you will also need to notify them. If you plan on having someone stay at the property while you are gone we must know who they are. Even though you are not there you are still responsible for their behaviour.

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