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My Rent

In this section you can make a payment online, and find out about other ways to pay your rent.


You can register to log in and see your rent account on screen. There is also lots of information about organisations that can offer help and advice on money.


Income Management Team

We are responsible for collecting and recovering the majority of income and arrears including:

  • Rent for homes including sheltered properties
  • Rent for garages
  • Rent and service charges for Coastline's Homeless Service
  • Service charges for all customers
  • Re-chargeable work (repairs caused by damage or neglect)
  • Coastline Assist charges
  • Rent and service charges for shared ownership
  • All leasehold charges
  • Former tenancy arrears (money still owed after a resident has vacated a property or garage)

The means the team must:

  • Monitor over 5000 accounts a week
  • Review and set service charges for all customers annually
  • Send letters, and provide assistance through home visits, appointments at our offices and over the phone
  • Provide help with claiming Housing Benefit, and calculate Housing Benefit estimations
  • Offer basic debt advice and put customers in touch with other agencies
  • Set up affordable payment agreements
  • Prepare and present cases to Court for legal action
  • Monitor agreements including Court Orders
  • Carry out evictions where necessary
  • Set up, amend and monitor over 1200 direct debits
  • Arrange all customer refunds
Our customer magazine, CoastLines, can be sent by email. Send us a quick message if you'd like to swap from the printed edition.
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