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Housing Benefit

If you are having problems paying your rent it may be worthwhile checking if you qualify for Housing Benefit.


It can be claimed by people on low incomes who cannot afford to pay their rent. You may still qualify for Housing Benefit if you are working.


Housing Benefit will be included in the new Universal Credit. See our Welfare Reform page for more details.


The amount you get depends upon:

  • The level of income coming into your home
  • The number of non-dependents living with you
  • The number of children living with you
  • The number of bedrooms your home has, compared to the number the Government says you need (see our Welfare Reform page)
  • Any savings or other assets you may have
  • The level of the rent

Entitled to

This is a web based benefits calculator. Click the link below then fill out the boxes with the information asked for. The calculator will tell you how much Housing Benefit you are likely to receive. Click Entitled to for more details.



The website provides a benefit checking service. It also allows you to put in details and see how your income can change when claiming different benefits. Click Turn2us to find out more.


Cornwall Council benefit calculator

A benefit calculator is also available from Cornwall Council. It estimates how much Housing Benefit and help with Council Tax you could get.


How to apply for Housing Benefit

You will need to complete a claim form, and provide any further information to go with it which is listed.


Forms are available from Cornwall Council by calling 0300 1234 121, or visit the Housing Benefit section of their website to apply online.


The information needs to be returned to Cornwall Council for assessment.


Once a decision has been made, you will receive a letter from them confirming any entitlement.


Coastline can help

Our staff can help you fill in the housing benefit form. We can also provide benefit calculations, help and advice with claiming and backdate requests, and reduce overpayment recovery rates.


The Income Management Team is in regular contact with the Housing Benefit department at Cornwall Council. With your permission, we can establish where any problems are with a claim then work with you to help overcome them.


Housing benefit verification service

Many staff at Coastline have been trained in Housing Benefit verification. This means we can check your claim and the supporting information are in order. If you hand in Housing Benefit claims and supporting information at our office we will verify the information received and ensure it gets to Cornwall Council for assessment.


Our Income Management Team carries out visits each week so they can collect outstanding documents from you such as birth certificates, verify them, then submit them on your behalf.



If you receive housing benefit for a period where you were not entitled to it, or you receive more housing benefit than you were entitled to, this will create an overpayment.


Most Coastline customers have their Housing Benefit payments sent directly to us. As overpayments are usually paid back in instalments from ongoing weekly Housing Benefit awards, you will need to make up this difference by paying any shortfall in your rent to Coastline.


If you find the weekly amount being recovered towards your overpayment seems too high, and is causing you to struggle financially, you can ask Cornwall Council to lower it. You will need to complete a financial statement and send it to them. A form can be downloaded from Cornwall Council's Housing Benefit pages.


Please let us know if you need help with any forms.

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