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Coastline customers

Get involved - row the boat


Pull together to help Coastline shape its services!

Great Homes and Great Services meetings

These give you the opportunity to look at our services in detail and work with us to make changes that benefit all customers. As a member you help check our performance and make recommendations about services.


Coastline Scrutiny Committee (CSC)

The CSC is a group of customers whose aim is to improve the services all customers receive from Coastline by undertaking scrutiny reviews and making recommendations to the Coastline Board for improvements.


How the CSC undertake this

The CSC:

  • Challenge performance information
  • Question staff members
  • Work in partnership with other customer groups
  • Review customer satisfaction
  • Carry out consultation with customers
  • Assess policies and procedures

How this makes a difference for customers

The CSC links directly to Coastline Board and the customer Chair and Vice Chair attend each Board meeting to provide and make recommendations to improve services. Coastline creates an action plan from the CSC's recommendations to ensure that they influence the services we provide.


What makes a good CSC member?

A customer who is able to:

  • Undertake training
  • Prepare for an regularly attend CSC meetings
  • Contribute to meetings

A customer who has the ability to:

  • Weigh up issues
  • Question and challenge
  • Be objective
  • Focus on the best interests of all customers
  • Communicate and listen
  • Respect others and their views
  • Be part of a team


Approximately six hours per month. This includes meetings and preparation time.


Non-Executive Director

You could make a positive difference to the way Coastline is run by bringing a customer perspective to the Board when it addresses strategies and policies. You could help make decisions that have a long-term impact on our services and make sure we operate effectively day-to-day.


Community Empowerment

Sometimes local people are ready to take more control of services within their neighbourhood. This could include making decisions and setting priorities for things like cleaning, caretaking, repairs and grounds maintenance.


If you are interested in any of our involvement groups please fill in the quick contact form to the right of this page and a member of the Customer Access Team will be in touch with you shortly.


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