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A helping hand

Two Coastline Services Grounds Maintenance employees have been hailed as heroes of the hour for stopping to help an elderly gentleman in trouble at Mullion.


John Connaughton and Keith Odgers saw Arthur Jennings take a fall when they were working in the area and rushed over to lend a helping hand.


Arthur's daughter Shirley explains: "My elderly father tripped up the kerb while I was at work, fell and banged his head and cut his face quite badly. He said the two men who ran over and gave him first aid, worked for Coastline. They called an ambulance, and patched him up to stop the bleeding while he was waiting. He was very lucky not to do any serious damage, apart from a crack on the head, and very lucky that John and Keith were there to patch him up and sort him out!"


Luckily nothing was broken except Arthur's glasses, and he's now back on his feet again and recovering.


Shirley, who got in touch with Coastline to express her thanks, kindly gave John and Keith a little something to eat for their tea-break as a thank you, which Arthur presented to John while he was back in the area carrying out some more work.


Good work guys!

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