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Garden Competition 2018

This year we are taking our garden competition online once more!


Traditionally, we have visited all garden competition entrants in person, but now that Coastline is growing and has homes over a much wider area, the competition in this form is becoming a bit unmanageable.


So, this year we invite you to upload a photo of your garden for our judges to view.


If you would like to enter, please fill in the form below and upload a photo by Friday 29th June.


If you win in your category, you will receive a £20 voucher to use on your garden and a trophy too.


Awards will be presented at our annual CATH awards ceremony in January 2019.


Remember! Your photo must have been taken this year and the gardening must have been done by you or your family. Photographs may be shared by Coastline on our Facebook page or website to inspire others, but we obviously won't divulge personal details.


This competition is only open to Coastline Housing residents.


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