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Customer Access Team

Coastline's Customer Access Team provides many services.


Customer support

The Customer Access Team can answer many questions about your home and our services. Email us, use the quick contact form, or call 01209 200200.


Rent enquiries

We can answer many of your questions and give you information about your accounts, or refer you to one of the Income Management Team for more detailed assistance.


We can order a Coastline payment card so you can pay online, by smart phone app, on our 24 hour phone line, or at Post Offices and many local shops with a PayPoint. For more details see our pay rent page.



You can tell us about a repair using the quick contact form, or select option three for repairs when you call our usual number. We can arrange for emergency repairs to be dealt with on the same day, make appointments for simple faults to be corrected, or ask a surveyor to inspect complicated work. You can also report repairs using our mobile phone app.


TV Licences for sheltered customers

The Customer Access Team deals with concessionary and preserved rights television licences for eligible sheltered customers. Please contact us for more details or to make a payment for yours.


Customer claims

We are responsible for investigating and processing all customer claims to Coastline Housing under the Right to Repair scheme. If you feel you have been unreasonably inconvenienced or received a service failure please contact us to request a customer claims form.

Our customer magazine, CoastLines, can be sent by email. Send us a quick message if you'd like to swap from the printed edition.
Cheryl, Communications Advisor
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